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Our Methods
Set the Standards

NTT serves clients by empowering America’s workforce to be safe, proficient and skilled. We deliver our services with a different approach. When working with a client, NTT concentrates on the big picture enabling clients to achieve the most desired outcomes in the most efficient way through

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Custom Workforce Development Programs

Because many of our clients require company-specific training, NTT consultants can evaluate safety gaps, design custom workforce development programs and conveniently implement them for our clients.

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Real Scenarios, Real Equipment, Yield Real Results

Our students are taught using industry equipment. Books are great reference tools, but when it comes to performing hazardous procedures, lab-based training can mean the difference between life and death. NTT training gives each student the opportunity to prepare for real-world scenarios while operating standard industry equipment.

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Return on Your Investment

In this business, employers need to ensure that their workers are up-to-date on codes, standards and safety procedures. To verify your employee training produced desired results, we offer clients NTT Qualification.

And for those who require 3rd party certification, NTT offers training for EPA, FOA, NICET, Welding, Backflow Preventions and Fluid Power.

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Training Delivery Methods

The best way to teach on the job safety is through hands-on experience.
While our competitors offer “hands-on” training, NTT training equipment arrives on an 18-wheeler, not in a box. By giving students exposure to industry equipment during both lab and classroom training, NTT prepares them for success beyond the classroom walls.


Roll up your sleeves and learn by doing — we bring tools to the classroom to make learning real, allowing you to touch and work with your hands as you learn.


Quick lecture format.Classroom training is a perfect opportunity for industry professionals to brush up on new concepts or refresh their previous knowledge.

Added Components & Benefits


Skill Circuit Online

NTT developed training program delivered in a four-step process to optimize the learning and retention curve. Read more about Skill Circuit Training with NTT Anchored Approach.

Peer Instruction

The NTT classroom training is based on a student-centered approach where a traditional classroom-learning model is flipped. Students learn from resources available outside of the classroom while classroom time is used to demonstrate student’s application of knowledge and peer discussion.

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Money-Back Guaranteed

If you feel that you did not receive the value you expected from any NTT seminar,
your enrollment fee will be returned. No strings attached.