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Safety and Skills Practical Training

NTT has over 60 electrical & mechanical courses. Choose from the categories below, or call us to discuss your needs at 800-363-7758.

Mechanical Courses

Electrical Courses


Training Delivery Options

Hands-on lab classes
NTT’s regional course schedule has 2 hub cities that offer our traditional hands-on lab courses: Denver, CO & Virginia Beach, VA.
Join us at either of these two cities to enjoy full 2-5 hands-on courses using NTT’s full-size real life equipment trainers.
2-day classroom style
NTT’s new shortened classroom only courses are the perfect way for you to get the basics. The reduced time and cost are a good way to audit a course to see if it would be right for your team at your site.

100% of NTT's offerings can be brought to you.

Have the training you need your way – this includes hands-on training using NTT full size equipment. NTT will tailor the course to meet the practical needs of your team, your operating schedule, and your operating processes.

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Custom Training Solutions

Want to advance and build on the basics? NTT’s custom development team can help you. From conducting needs assessments and gap analysis to developing custom training to and auditing processes, we’ve got you covered. We can leverage our 30 years worth of experience and core curriculum of over 60 classes or start from scratch to design practical training that will work for you.



Courses with Skill Circuit provide the added benefit of helping to tailor your class before it starts, and then anchoring the training so people can retain and recall it.

* Currently available for Electrical Safety, others coming soon. More Information Coming Soon.