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NTT is about delivering very practical and real trade skills to workers, skills that you learn from us and can use on the job tomorrow (see our catalog to see what courses we have to offer you).


NTT delivers the most comprehensive, skills-based classroom and hands-on lab training because it’s practical. Our recipe is simple. We start with the industry’s largest team of expert instructors. Then we add real-life equipment. We’re the only provider that brings full-sized hands-on lab equipment for each of your students – and for the widest variety of courses – to any of your locations anywhere in the world. Find out more about Your House training. And if you’re not sure how a particular course will work for you, you can try-out a course by attending a shortened 2-day classroom version scheduled in cities throughout the United States. Learn more about Our House training.



NTT has trained over 1,000,000 workers for fortune 500 organizations like Boeing, Chevron, International Paper, Baker Hughes and the White House. We’ve come a long way since 1984 starting with a pickup truck and a trailer to deliver our first Hydraulics class. Since then, we’ve added over 60 courses to our curriculum and delivered training in more than 30 countries. Be sure to visit NTT Difference page.NTT History


Mission Statement

National Technology Transfer provides world class hands-on training and development of industrial workers around the world with real world safety and trade skills delivered on-site in 2 to 5 day modules.

Hands-on Training Saves Lives

NTT offers the best value in training because skilled workers learn with their hands. Employees that take our lab courses get to learn on their own full-sized lab equipment. Most of our competitors don’t have equipment at all – or they provide a few sets of small prototype equipment only requiring students to share.

Would you let a surgeon operate on your heart if you discovered he’d only learned how to perform surgery by watching videos?
A surgeon and a maintenance worker are both technicians that learn by doing – not by watching videos or reading books. Additionally, OSHA requires “classroom or on-the-job type” training for qualified electrical workers. OSHA’s stance on computer-based training is that on its own, it is insufficient to meet the training criteria for qualification. When it comes to performing hazardous procedures, hands-on training can mean the difference between life and death. Skills-based hands-on labs give each student the opportunity to develop skills on real equipment in preparation for real-world scenarios.

Our instructors know how to teach.
Our instructors have been educating America’s technical workforce for decades. The foundation of our training is skills-based instructor-led hands-on classroom training, because it’s the most effective way to train skilled workers. We have the industry’s largest team of master instructors and they are experts at making the complicated seem simple. They engage students at all levels and masterfully guide them through hands-on exercises so that students learn to perform the latest electrical and mechanical operations skillfully – and safely.


Career Opportunities

Did you know that NTT was voted as “Top Work Places” in 2012? Check out NTT career opportunity postings here.