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Arc Flash Electrical Safety [based on NFPA 70E]: 2 Day Hands On Electrical Safety In The Workplace



2 Day

1.6 CEU


At the end of this training program attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the new Risk Assessment approach to Electrical Safety
  2. Apply OSHA rule 1910.331-335 training requirements and NFPA 70E® standards
  3. Understand the effect of maintenance on equipment and how it reduces injury
  4. Describe proper use of test instruments making contact with energized parts
  5. Perform safe electrical work practices and understand arc flash hazards and boundaries

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  • Why You should take this training program

    This course combines the discussion of content and application of material in an in-class interactive format. It provides a “hands-on” experience where attendees perform the same safety skills they must demonstrate in the field. This is what NTT Electrical Safety Training is all about. The NFPA 70E® Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace provides the prescriptive methods for OSHA compliance for electrical safe work. NTT Training provides the interpretation of the standard, hands-on instructor demonstration and student practice for implementing the standard. Tabletop and hands-on exercises will have students work with their own copy of NTT’s Illustrated and annotated explanation of the NFPA 70E, helping to ensure they understand these requirements.

    Now available both classroom and Live Online with digital simulations.

    Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Contact Hours
    Upon completion of this training program, the attendee will receive a certificate of completion with 8 contact hours (.8 CEUs) per day attended. Please contact your state or local licensing agency to determine if this training program is accepted.

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  • Who Should Take This Training Program

    People who will benefit from attending this course include:

    • Electricians
    • Maintenance electricians
    • Linemen & Utility workers
    • Owners & managers
    • Safety directors
    • Electrical contractors

  • What You'll Learn

    This course covers the following:

    • Learning to identify the hazards of an electrical job
    • Assessing what can be done to eliminate hazards
    • Understanding methods of mitigating hazards
    • How to use best industry practices to comply with requirements
    • Achieve a safe-as-practical approach to performing electrical work

  • Training Program Description

    Electrical Safety and Your Electrical Safety Program

    • Trainees start off receiving a brief overview of electrical safety history.
    • Using the NTT’s illustrated and annotated explanation of the NFPA 70E Standard, trainees will identify electrical safety program requirements.
    Trainees will compare those requirements to their own company’s electrical safe work program.

    Understanding Electrical Hazards

    Trainees participate in group exercises around risk awareness.
    • Information regarding the risks of shock, arc flash, and arc blast are presented.
    • Trainees review shock potentials and incident energy levels in a facility distribution system.
    • They will learn to mitigate shock and arc flash hazards based on NFPA codes and technical hands-on interactions.

    Electrical Safe Work Practices and Procedures.

    • Safe work practices identified in NFPA 70E are laid out in steps.
    Trainees will learn these steps as they use the NTT Job Aid to develop a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). This JSA will be used throughout the remainder of the class for hands-on activities.

    Electrical Personnel Protective Equipment

    • Trainees will discuss characteristics and maintenance of various types of PPE.
    • The instructor will demonstrate proper donning and doffing techniques.
    Trainees will use the checklist in their text to inspect NTT or student supplied PPE.

    Normal Operation of Equipment

    • Discussion of NFPA 70E’s five requirements of electrical equipment to achieve Normal Operation status.
    • Trainees will perform a visual inspection of the NTT electrical equipment for installation and maintenance issues.
    • Examples of good and bad installations are discussed, including proper body positioning and techniques for typical switching operations.
    Trainees will use the table in the NFPA 70E Standard to determine the need for PPE.
    Hands-on use of an infrared camera through an infrared window, an ultrasonic detector, and the setup and use a remote indicating multimeter; reducing exposure to hazards.

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    Training Program Pricing

    2-Day Lecture: $995 / Participant

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