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Confined Space Entry – On-Site Only



1 Day

.8 CEU

At the end of this seminar students will be able to:

  1. Overview of 29 CFR 1910.146 (Permit-Required Confined Spaces) 2. Hazards Associated With Confined Spaces 3. Atmospheric testing equipment & personal protective equipment 4. Communications best practices 5. Rescue operation
  • Why You should take this seminar

    Training to mitigate the risk associated with working in confined spaces. This comprehensive one-day lecture course will benefit anyone who has identified permit required spaces and must develop a written program for identifying and evaluating hazards, preventing unauthorized entry and establishing safe entry procedures. This includes safety personnel, maintenance personnel, facility managers, supervisors and personnel who might work in confined spaces.

    Every year, approximately 1.6 million Americans perform some type of work activity in a confined space. Working in a confined space can be dangerous. Accidents occur to workers because they fail to recognize that a confined space is a potential hazard. Serious injury and even death can result from asphyxiation, engulfment, electric shock, falls and heat stress. Every worker entering a confined space should consider that the most unfavorable conditions may exist, and the dangers of explosion, asphyxiation and poisoning are present. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration believes that up to 85% of these accidents can be prevented through a successful confined space entry program.

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  • Who Should Take This Seminar

    People who will benefit from attending this training include:

    • Service center employees
    • Environmental health & safety personnel
    • Apprentice and experienced HVAC technicians
    • Owners & managers
    • Warehouse employees
    • Maintenance Technicians
    • Electricians
    • Plant & facility maintenance technicians
    • Building engineers
    • Building managers & superintendents
    • Safety directors
  • What You'll Learn

    Topics covered during this training include:

    • Overview of 29 CFR 1910.146 (Permit-Required Confined Spaces)
    • Hazards Associated With Confined Spaces
    • Personnel & responsibilities
    • Entry permit
    • Entry Conditions
    • Atmospheric testing equipment
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Communications
    • Rescue operations
  • Seminar Description

    Agenda topics include:

    • Hazards Of Confined Spaces
    • Personnel Duties & Responsibilities
    • Non-Permit Spaces
    • Permit Space Programs
    • Written Programs
    • Entry Permit
    • Entry Conditions
    • Atmospheric Testing
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Rescue Operations Workbook
    • 29 Cfr 1910.146— Permit Required Confined Space
    • Decision flow chart
    • Examples of permit-required confined space programs
    • Checklist and permit
    • Sewer system entry
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    Seminar Pricing

    1-Day Lecture: $499 / Participant

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