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Electrical Print Reading



2 Day

1.6 CEU

At the end of this seminar students will be able to:

  1. Read and interpret electrical blueprints, architectural electrical drawings, and construction blueprints
  2. Understand common components of electrical systems
  3. Review prints for errors and National Electric Code compliance
  4. Conduct basic troubleshooting of electrical systems
  • Why You should take this seminar

    The electrical print reading seminar covers the various types and purposes of electrical prints, and teaches the skills needed to interpret them properly.

    Participants will also review photos of electrical devices and equipment along with their ANSI symbols and ratings. They will also examine diagrams and schedules as they would be in a typical construction project.

    Also, participants will learn how to review prints for errors and National Electrical Code® (NEC) compliance in voltage drop, conductor sizing, conductor fill, short-circuit analysis, kVA ratings, service calculations and more. Participants of the electrical print reading seminar will also learn to design and sketch simple electrical systems and circuits.

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  • Who Should Take This Seminar

    If you do, or are about to, work with electricity, then this seminar is for you. Whether you work in hotels,schools, airports, or manufacturing plants, we have you covered because we designed this training for people of all skill levels who need to maintain or fix electrical systems.

    People who will benefit from this training include:

    • Mechanics
    • HVAC Technicians
    • Machine Operators
    • Apprentices
    • Alarm Technicians
    • Electricians
    • Facility Managers
    • Non-Electrical Engineers
    • Plant & Building Engineers
    • Stationary Engineers
    • Plant & Facility Managers
    • Multi-craft/Cross Training Personnel
  • What You'll Learn

    Learn how to properly interpret electrical drawings, construction blue prints and schedules. Apply NEC® compliance rules and look for errors. Examine and discuss basic electrical concepts such as voltage drop, conductor fill, short-circuit analysis, kVA ratings, and service calculations.

    Topics covered during this training include:

    • Introduction to Reading and Interpreting Prints
    • Architectural Electrical Drawings & Construction Blueprints
    • Single-Line Type Diagrams
    • Basic Electrical Drawings
    • Common Components
    • Troubleshooting
  • Seminar Description


    • Different electrical prints
    • Drawing layout


    • Electrical devices and corresponding ANSI recommended symbols
    • Plan views
    • Floor plans
    • Elevations
    • Sections
    • Pictorial views
    • Detail drawings
    • Schedules


    • Block diagrams
    • Power risers
    • Wiring diagrams
    • Device function numbers
    • One-line power distribution diagram
    • IEEE and IEC symbols for devices found on schematic diagrams
    • Electrical schematic diagrams


    • NEMA and IEC symbols
    • Applications
    • Operation


    • Voltage, resistance, continuity checks
    • Manual and automatic circuits
    • Typical Problems
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    Seminar Pricing

    2-Day Lecture: $899 / Participant

    This seminar may be included with other training, or as a standalone. As such, training time depends on seminar length as determined by your outcome goals. Please call (800) 922-2820 or Contact NTT Training to discuss pricing and your unique training needs.

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