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Fluid Power Connector & Conductor Certification



3 Days

2.4 CEU


At the end of this seminar students will be able to:

  1. Understand hose and tube assemblies as well as system and operating personnel safety
  2. Achieve certification through written and hands-on performance testing

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  • Why You should take this seminar

    The success or failure of any fluid power system depends on four factors: design, installation, start-up (commissioning), and maintenance. Hose and tube assemblies are a vital consideration in each of these factors as well as system and operating personnel safety.

    All Connector & Conductor certifications require a three (3)-hour written and a three (3)-hour job performance (hands-on) test.

    NOTE: Participants must register with the IFPS (International Fluid Power Society) at least 30-days prior to class dates.

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  • Who Should Take This Seminar

    This certification course and exam is for knowledgeable persons. It is recommended for:

    • Veteran Hydraulic maintenance technicians
    • Engineers
    • Service Personnel
    • Distributors
    • Those involved in selecting and applying hose and tube assemblies
  • What You'll Learn

    This is an IFPS – International Fluid Power Society Certification Course for Connector & Conductor Certification

    First students prep via a 2-day hands-on Lab review course.

    Then, on the 3rd day students will take a two-part exam:

    • Three (3)-hour written
    • Three (3)-hour job performance (hands-on) test
  • Seminar Description

    Lab-based Review Summary:

    • Understand basic components of hose construction
    • Identify hose types and pressure ratings
    • Identify port and fitting threads using measuring tools and charts
    • Identify the various two- and four-bolt flanges
    • Use appropriate charts to determine ratings for stainless and carbon steel tubing for application
    • Use the “Stamped” acronym to determine the correct hose and/or tube for correct assembly procedure
    • Understand metric and English values to ensure correct assembly of components
    • Square-cut hose to measured length
    • Know when and how to skive hose
    • Perform crimp machine inspection and calibration to ensure proper final hose assembly
    • Use caliper to measure crimp dimensions
    • Flare tubing to make assembly
    • Inspect Flareless tube assembly
    • Inspect twin ferrule tube assembly
    • Use silver brazing to assemble fittings to tube
    • Use hydraulic test stand for proof, burst, and impulse testing
    • Identify and use proper standards to ensure conformance and appropriate quality and safety
    • Provide safety covers for line of sight and abrasive locations
    • Provide documentation
    • Properly dispose of used assemblies

    The 3rd day students will take a two-part exam:

    • Three (3)-hour written test
    • Three (3)-hour job performance (hands-on) test
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    Seminar Pricing

    Training Review session & Certification Exam fees: $ 995 / Participant

    Days 1-2: Lab training review session

    Day 3: Connector & Conductor exams


    Exam Registration & Payment is made to IFPS – International Fluid Power Society

    Written exam: $170/member or $260/non-member

    Job Performance (hands-on) test: $140/member or $175/non-member


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    For more information on exam & registration details please visit:WWW.IFPS.ORG


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