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At the end of this seminar students will be able to:

  1. Understand how NEC safeguards people and property.
  2. Make your facility and operations NEC compliant.
  3. Become current with the most recent NEC updates.



2 Day

1.6 CEU

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  • Why You should take this seminar

    This update course is for people already familiar with the code and simply need to know the updates. The National Electrical Code® is used by all states for industry-wide electrical standards. Updated every 3-years, the new 2017 NEC® will be officially released later this year.

    Ask about our practical NEC Application Workshop – Whether you’re new to the NEC or a seasoned electrician or engineer, this class is all about learning “how to use the Code.” NTT Training’s new format bridges the gap – applying the theory to the practical reality of what to do in the field.

    This is a practical applications class – not just the typical Code lecture class you may be used to attending. You’ll work hard, applying the code to a retro-fit or new installation involving changing work-flows, live parts, commissioning equipment, and documenting the Arc Flash Hazard and one-line drawings.

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  • Who Should Take This Seminar

    People who will benefit from attending this course include:

    • Electricians
    • Mechanics
    • Environmental health & safety personnel
    • Apprentice and experienced HVAC technicians
    • Supervisors working on or who oversee employees working on 50V or greater equipment
    • Linemen & Utility workers
    • Owners & managers
    • Warehouse employees
    • Maintenance Technicians
    • Energy management personnel
    • Fire Alarm Technicians
    • Plant & facility maintenance technicians
    • Building engineers
    • Building managers & superintendents
    • Plant & facility managers
    • Stationary engineers
    • Safety directors
  • What You'll Learn

    You will Learn NEC© Code changes including:

    • Branch circuits and feeders
    • Various calculations
    • Services
    • Conductors and over current protection
    • Wiring methods
    • Review of raceway and boxes
    • Wiring materials: switches, switchboards and panel boards
    • Motors, generators, A/C and refrigeration, plus fire pumps
    • Transformers
    • Special locations
    • Understanding the rules for over current protection
    • Industrial control panels (Article 409)
    • Arc flash labeling (Article 110)
    • Motor disconnect location rules (Article 430)
  • Seminar Description

    You will learn about the new or revised articles incluidng:

    • Article 393—Low Voltage Suspend Ceiling Power Distribution Systems
    • Article 646—Modular Data Centers
    • Article 728—Fire Resistant Cable Systems
    • Article 750—Energy Management Systems
    • Symbol requirements for controlled receptacles
    • DC voltage requirements expanding
    • Increasing the voltage threshold from 600 volts to 1,000 volts
    • Electrical Safety labeling requirements changing and new sections added
    • Increased requirements for GFCIs in laundry areas, facilities like car washes, and generator receptacles
    • AFCI requirements expanding into laundry rooms and kitchens as the NEC move towards whole-house protection
    • New section on Ground Fault Protection of equipment Exception for XHHW-2 conductors for specified temperature corrections for ampacity values
    • Mounting of luminaires
    • Increasing receptacle requirements in health care facilities
    • Deleting the term “Emergency Systems” in health care facilities
    • Moving several definitions from individual articles to Article 100

    Alternate Energy, Green Technologies, and IT Equipment Changes

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    Seminar Pricing

    2-Day Lecture: $899 / Participant

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