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At the end of this seminar students will be able to:

  1. Understand terminology of oil analysis.
  2. Apply industry best practices of oil analysis within their predictive maintenance program.
  3. Interpret data from oil analysis testing correctly to increase equipment reliability.
  4. Apply effective techniques for operation and use of oil analysis equipment.



1 Days

.8 CEU

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  • Why You should take this seminar

    This training is created to teach maintenance personnel predictive maintenance procedures to properly test oil samples without contamination. Oil analysis processes and procedures can be included as an addition to improve any existing maintenance program.

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  • Who Should Take This Seminar

    Individuals who will benefit from attending this seminar include:

    • Mechanics
    • Maintenance Technicians
    • Energy management personnel
    • Plant & facility maintenance technicians
    • Building engineers
    • Building managers & superintendents
    • Plant & facility managers
    • Stationary engineers
    • Owners & managers
  • What You'll Learn

    This training will help your workforce evaluate condition of the oil within a machine and detect flaws that could result in downtime. Oil analysis is just part of the predictive maintenance spectrum and learning these techniques will help round out the effectiveness of your current maintenance program.

  • Seminar Description

    Lubrication Fundamentals

    • The functions of a lubricant
    • Additives and Their Functions


    Oil Analysis & Conditions-Based Maintenance

    • Reliability Centered Maintenance


    Contamination Control

    • Particle Contamination
    • Moisture Contamination
    • Field Contamination


    Oil Sampling Methods

    • Sampling Locations on System Returns
    • Live Zone Sampling
    • Sampling from Pressurized Lines
    • Sampling from Low Pressure Lines
    • Sampling from Wet Sumps
    • Drop-Tube Vacuum Sampling
    • Oil Sampling Frequency


    Oil Testing & Analysis

    • Reasons for Performing Oil Analysis
    • Common Oil Analysis Tests


    Targets, Limits, Diagnostics and Data Management

    • Setting Limits and Targets
    • Interpreting and Applying Oil Analysis Results
    • Monitoring Techniques


    Guidelines for Selecting and Working with a Commercial Oil Analysis Laboratory

    • Standards & Best Practices
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    Seminar Pricing

    1-Day Hands-On $ 599 / Participants

    This seminar is intended to be paired with other programs within predictive maintenance or as a standalone. As such, training time depends on seminar length as determined by your outcome goals. Please call (800) 922-2820 or CONTACT NTT TRAINING to discuss pricing and your unique training needs.

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