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At the end of this seminar students will be able to:

  1. Navigate and Interpret ControlLogix programs with self-confidence to troubleshoot malfunctioning machinery.
  2. Understand the ControlLogix processor's scan sequence.
  3. Upload and download ControlLogix programs.
  4. Understand and diagnose analog and digital I/O.



3 Days

2.4 CEU

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  • Why You should take this seminar

    Gain a solid understanding of hardware, software and communication concepts inherent to Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix PLCs and Rockwell Software’s RSLogix5000 ladder logic programming software. This course is designed for technicians, maintenance personnel or engineers who want to improve maintenance and troubleshooting skills in order to minimize machine downtime. Learn the basic
    concepts and terminology as well as working hands-on with hardware and platforms.

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  • Who Should Take This Seminar

    This course is beneficial for anyone who encounters control systems in their daily functions. It is designed for technicians, maintenance personnel or engineers who want to improve maintenance and troubleshooting skills in order to minimize machine downtime.

    People who will benefit from attending this training include:

    • IT Technicians
    • Instrumentation Technicians
    • Maintenance Technicians
    • Automation Technicians
    • Multi-craft personnel
    • Anyone who needs cross-training on PLCs
  • What You'll Learn

    Real world examples will be used for students to practice troubleshooting problems that occur with field devices as well as with the PLC.

    People who attend this course will learn how to:

    • Set up communication with the processor.
    • Go online with the project, and locate an output that will not energize such as a solenoid or relay.
    • How to trace the output through the program to determine the root cause of a problem.
    • Find out why the PLC is not calling for the output to energize.
    • Learn about instructions in the PLC, and other troubleshooting tools that are available to minimize downtime.
  • Seminar Description

    Topics covered during this training include:

    • Configure the DF1 Communications Driver in RSLinx
    • Create a new controller project and configure I/O
    • Configure the Ethernet communications drive, create a new task, program and routine
    • Flashing ControlLogix modules
    • ControlLogix bit instructions
    • ControlLogix timer instructions
    • ControlLogix counter instructions
    • User-defined structures and arrays
    • Configure and test ControlLogix analog I/O modules
    • Program control instructions
    • Data comparison instructions
    • Troubleshooting exercises
    • Program control instructions
    • Sequencer output instruction
    • System GSV instruction
    • RSLogix 5000 ad-on instructions
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