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03/27 - 03/29: Phoenix, AZ

2017 NFPA 70® - National Electric Code® [NEC]

04/01 - 04/03: Baltimore, MD

NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code®

04/03 - 04/05: Milwaukee, WI

2017 NFPA 70® - National Electric Code® [NEC]

04/24 - 04/26: Denver, CO

2017 NFPA 70® - National Electric Code® [NEC]

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Electrical Systems: Grounding & Bonding

From the beginning, the use of electricity has presented many challenges ranging from how to install a safe electrical system to how to develop minimum code requirements fo...

Electrical Systems: Hazardous Locations

Workers in our hazardous location training learn to identify hazardous zones, learn codes, standards and certification requirements. The National Electrical Code®...

2017 NFPA 70® – National Electric Code® [NEC]: Changes & Updates

This update course is for people already familiar with the code and simply need to know the updates. The National Electrical Code® is used by all states for industry-wide ...

NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code®

The NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm Code was updated in 2016. Being up-to-date with basics of the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code® (NFPA 72) will help improv...

2015 NFPA 79® – Electrical Standard For Industrial Machinery®

The goal is production equipment uptime and reliability. This course is for you if your team maintains or repairs the machine electrical controls for your production proce...


Prepare for the NICET Certification exams. Learn test-taking strategies and review reference materials needed to maximize the NICET test experience. This training is hel...

NFPA 70® – National Electric Code® [NEC]: Practical Applications for Building & Facilities

Over time the updating of equipment changes the route, load (power requirement), and access-point of electricity.  This class allows the employer’s employee team to make...