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Electrical Compliance

Upcoming Training Programs

08/11 - 08/12: Seattle , WA

Electrical Systems: SOARS Grounding & Bonding

08/12 - 08/14: Philadelphia, PA

2020 NFPA 70® - National Electrical Code® [NEC]

08/12 - 08/14: Houston, TX

2020 NFPA 70® - National Electrical Code® [NEC]

08/13 - 08/14: Seattle , WA

Electrical Systems: Hazardous Locations

08/13 - 08/14: St. Louis, MO

NEC® - Analysis of Changes 2020 with Practical Exercises

All Electrical Electrical Compliance Training Programs

2017 NFPA 70® – National Electrical Code® [NEC]

NTT’s NEC training is targeted to the needs of the industrial workforce: electricians, electrical inspectors and electrical contractors. Whether running power to ...

2020 NFPA 70® – National Electrical Code® [NEC]

The new 2020-cycle training available November 2019. Innovations are driving the electrical industry and the NEC is updated every 3 years to reflect this. While we d...

Electrical Systems: SOARS Grounding & Bonding

From the beginning, the use of electricity has presented many challenges ranging from how to install a safe electrical system to how to develop minimum code requirements fo...

Electrical Systems: Hazardous Locations

Workers in our hazardous location training learn to identify hazardous zones, learn codes, standards and certification requirements. The National Electrical Code® (...

NEC® – Analysis of Changes 2020 with Practical Exercises

Fast. Targeted. Convenient. This 2-day update course is for people already familiar with the code and only want to know the updates. Yes ther...

NFPA 110® – Emergency & Standby Power Systems

Gain the background needed to operate, maintain and test the various types of generator sets used in on-site power production. Common examples of facilities that heavily re...

NFPA 70B® – Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance®

Receive an overview of the necessary tools to construct a cost effective preventive maintenance program for electrical systems and equipment that are in industrial, institu...

2018 NFPA 79® – Electrical Standard For Industrial Machinery®

The goal is production equipment uptime and reliability. This course is for you if your team maintains or repairs the machine electrical controls for your production proces...

NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code®

The NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm Code was updated in 2016. Being up-to-date with basics of the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code® (NFPA 72) will help improv...


Prepare for the NICET Certification exams. Learn test-taking strategies and review reference materials needed to maximize the NICET test experience. This training is helpfu...

National Electrical Safety Code® [NESC]

This course is intended for experienced and/or new lineman, design engineers, compliance and safety personnel involved with overhead and underground distribution constructi...