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11/26 - 11/30: Houston , TX

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

11/26 - 11/28: Houston , TX

HVAC: Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

11/29 - 11/30: Houston , TX

HVAC: Heating & Ventilation

12/10 - 12/14: Riverside, CA

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

12/10 - 12/12: Riverside, CA

HVAC: Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

All Mechanical HVAC Seminars

Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control – On-Site Only

This 32 hour class provides basic information on backflow prevention, cross connection control, testing procedures and troubleshooting techniques. Topics covered include: h...

Balancing of Water & Air Systems

Are there cold rooms in your office? Do people complain about the different temperatures in the office? If so, then your cooling system is out of balance. National averag...

Brazing for HVAC – On-Site Only

Learn guidelines to select the most suitable process for joining copper and copper alloy components in air conditioning and refrigeration system. Discover cost effective in...

Boilers: Technical & Operational Training

Boiler maintenance is critical because it determines the life of a boiler… today’s attention to maintenance affects tomorrow’s bottom line. A well maintain...

Chillers: Operation & Maintenance of Chilled Water Systems

It is imperative that your water-cooling system(s) operates at maximum efficiency. In this hands-on chilled water systems seminar you will receive the critical information...

HVAC: Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Our air conditioning training & refrigeration training covers the maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The seminar includes troubleshooting and im...

HVAC: Advanced AC (Air Conditioning & Refrigeration)

Advance beyond the basics of HVAC troubleshooting and maintenance. Maintaining air conditioning systems is two fold. Troubleshooting and immediate action is required to re...

HVAC: Heating & Ventilation

Learn how to maintain peak efficiencies of heating & ventilation (HV) systems while minimizing the risk of downtime due to unscheduled maintenance and repair. Since H...

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

When your HVAC system runs safely and efficiently, energy and maintenance costs are reduced. In this HVAC training, participants earn how to maintain the peak efficiencies ...

HVAC: Pneumatic Comfort Controls – On-Site Only

This pneumatic controls training is only offered on-site at your facility. Learn about the types of control systems to maintain indoor environments. Understand the functio...