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11/27 - 11/29: Philadelphia , PA

Instrumentation & Process Control

12/04 - 11/07: Phoenix, AZ

Industrial Electricity & Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits

12/10 - 12/14: Reno , NV

PLC: Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers & PLC Automation Systems

12/10 - 12/12: Reno , NV

PLC: Programmable Logic Controllers

12/11 - 12/13: Sacramento, CA

Instrumentation & Process Control

All Electrical Maintenance Seminars

1910.269 Electrical Safety Seminar for Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Review OSHA electrical safety and specific requirements to work safely and efficiently for while near high voltage electrical systems. This electrical safety seminar cov...

Electrical Troubleshooting – On-Site Only

About 70% of the time is spent working, hands-on, at a troubleshooting station with motor control circuits (operating at a safe, low level of 24 volts). This is a basic cou...

Basics of Industrial Electricity – On-Site Only

Gain a basic understanding of electricity generation and delivery. Most importantly, at the end, the major benefit of our Electrical Basics for Industrial Applications se...

Fiber Optic Training

Participants of our fiber optic seminar will be able to maintain your fiber optic network and learn the skills to minimize network downtime. Learn the ins-and-outs of desig...

Introduction to Industrial Electronics & Circuits

In this industrial electrical training participants learn the fundamental concepts, symbols and components of electronic circuits. Sharpen your troubleshooting skills to he...

Industrial Electricity & Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits

Understand the basics of electricity generation and delivery. Learn how to effectively diagnose electrical control circuit problems. The terms voltage, current, and impedan...

Instrumentation & Process Control

  Understand instrumentation and process control to become more valuable as your multi-skill set expands. You’ll spend approximately 50% of the time working w...

PLC: Siemens Step 7
w/ Simatic Manager V 5.5

Siemens has very different programming and functioning from other PLCs. Focus on the fundamentals of Siemens S7-300 PLC from setting up communications to programming, uploa...

PLC: Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers & PLC Automation Systems

  In this PLC fundamentals training, students focus on the fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) from setting up communications to uploading and...

PLC: Programmable Logic Controllers

Focus on the fundamentals of PLCs from setting up communications to uploading and downloading programs to troubleshooting and modifying the system. Spend 65% of the class t...

PLC: Automation Systems

Participants learn how the PLC is integrated with operator interfaces (OIs), human machine interfaces (HMIs), and network I/O systems. More than 60% of class time is...

PLC: ControlLogix / RSLogix 5000 Training

Gain a solid understanding of hardware, software and communication concepts inherent to Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix PLCs and Rockwell Software’s RSLogix5000 ladder log...

Tuning DDC / Process Control Loops

Optimize your process with proper setting and tuning of DDC or control loops to increase quality consistency. Learn the process characteristics that become the basis for t...

Variable Frequency Drives

In this variable frequency drive (VFD) training, participants learn proper design recommendations to ensure that your equipment is as energy efficient and safe as possible....